Духовно-просветительский Центр "СИРИУС"

To the President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir V. Putin

Copy: To the Governor of the Omsk region
Viktor I. Nazarov

From the people from all over the world
to support T.N. Mickushina

Dear Mr. President!

On the 27th of July 2012 Tatyana Nicholaevna Mickushina applied to you for help and support. We all are extremely troubled by the situation around T.N.Mickushina and around the activity of Spiritual and educational Center “Sirius”.

Thanks to Tatyana Nicholaevna Spiritual and Ethical Teaching to help people of the Earth has come to the world. The books of T. N. Mickushina say about the specifics of the new age that mankind is currently approaching; about the necessity to change one’s consciousness to help yourself and people around, about Russia and the whole planet; there are given practical recommendations regarding the ways to harmonize yourself and change your life setup. It is said that mission of Russia is to become Spiritual and Ethical stronghold of the whole world. The books of T. N. Mickushina are translated into English, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish and other languages.

Inspired by the Teaching people from all over the world made donations of their own free will that were used to purchase the land in Ust-Zaostrovskoye rural settlement of the Omsk region, and where Spiritual and educational Center “Sirius” was built by the volunteers. People from 11 countries came to the Center to understand the basis of the Teaching, the seminars were held there. All activity of Tatyana Nicholaevna and the Center is aimed to help people. It was planned to build and create the new type settlement with the use of new technologies and all modern means of technological discoveries on the territory of Ust-Zaostrovskoye rural settlement.

However, the plans did not come to life. Is it possible for the person to carry out the educational work or just live a quiet life if he is practically every day exposed to different attacks? And this year there has appeared the threat of Tatyana Nicholaevna’s life and the lives of her supporters. Endless judicial proceedings related to the land, threats, arsons, attempt for unauthorized connection to existing power lines with the connivance of local authorities – this is what we have faced on the territory of Ust-Zaostrovskoye rural settlement.

On the initiative of Ust-Zaostrovskoye settlement local authorities of Omsk area of Omsk region in 2009-2010 there has been elaborated such Development plan which met neither the interests of T. N. Mickushina who lives on the territory of Ust-Zaostrovskoye rural settlement nor the work that has been done on designing and setting up the new type settlement. Moreover, the approved Development plan includes the construction of a road exactly on the territory where the house of Tatyana Nicholaevna is situated. Near the territory of Spiritual and educational Center the construction of a cemetery is planned and is being performed and a dump is created…

It is not just a lack of respect; it is violation of the rights granted by the Supreme Law of Russia – the Constitution. Besides that it is a lack of respect to the thousands of people from all over the world supporting the Teaching given through T.N.Mickushina.

How can we build the civil society and foster patriotism and confidence in the future if a good gesture of the people who have built Spiritual and educational Center for their donations is infringed by the bureaucracy? We do not ask for funding the Center from state budget. Let them not hinder at least…

We wholeheartedly support Tatyana Nicholaevna and ask you to help protect her mission from the lawlessness of bureaucracy. We have the only goal – the spiritual renaissance of Russia.

With respect to You,

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